Oread Barbarian


Eyes: Purple Gemstones
Hair: Quartz
Skin: Smooth Granite
Build: Strong, Sturdy
Height: 4’6’’


Pashe was born in the mountain caves as most Oreads are. At a young age Gold miners came to her home and after being unsuccessful, slaughtered her family, convinced they must be hiding the gold for themselves. When none was found they took her instead as a slave and she worked for them many years.
While being transported to be executed as a young adult an opportunity arose to have her freedom. She took it gladly and decided that with her new found freedom she would make something of herself to honor her parents and do all she could to become strong enough to take down who had once wronged her so very much.

Goal in Life: To get Revenge and become well Known

Personality: Stubborn, Skeptical and non-trusting, Blunt, Sarcastic, Easily Annoyed, Rough, but also has a kindness and gentleness towards children. She is also smarter than she lets on.

Quirks: Loves Competition, Slightly Afraid of Spiders


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