Ariskis Vask

Guild Combat Trainer


Ariskis Vask is the guild combat trainer. He keeps a cape over most of him he has is face hidden. His fighting skills are great. He wields 2 short swords and a great sword. He rarely dose not have a weapon with him. He speaks to people in a kind Voice and is very Generous.


When he was a little boy he was considered a outcast because he Eyes were White. His Tribe burned, cut, and attacked him numbers times.

One day the town dragged him out of his bed in the middle of the night and tied him to a pull to burn him at a stake. The towns folk lite the wood and the the fire exploded he was screaming and yelling for help, and just before his last breath he saw a wizard in the fire as he lost conciseness. the next thing he remember is waking up in a bed with a older man standing over him with a soft smile.

Ariskis Vask

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