Pathfinder Sandbox

Village Is under attack and need your help!
Farmers need help

Pashe and Talos take a mission wile they wait for Tom and $wizards$ to get done with guild stuff.

Pashe and Talos head out to the town of Gitris, a farmers community that people have been going missing in the middle of the night and houses have been set on fire. Moments before this Keenord a Fellow guild member headed off on the same mission,

Pashe and Talos encountered a Earth Elemental witch they dispatched quickly.

Pash and Talos reach the village they start toe explore ,
Keenord enters the town and sees them exploring houses and fallows Pashe, Talos walks to the tallest building and uses a grappling hook to clime the building to the highest point to take a look around. There was a Screeching noise echoing throughout the village, Talos hurried and claimed down and entered the building to hide.

Pashe herd the sound and ran into the nearest house.
Keenord Ran into the house he was hiding behind.

Keenord was hiding in the corner of the house looking out the window, when he hears a growling behind him. He grabs a chair in the middle of the room and runs back to the corner. The Growling gets louder. as he runs to the fireplace he gets bit something and passes out. Just then Proche enters the room and walks over to the downed fighter and just then get bits. Her neck less that was given to her by the the guild leader, activates and sends a beam of light out from the gem in the center it illuminates the area. Porche hears a growling behind her and turns and the light from her neck less shows her a dog that is on fire. She then Attacks it and misses her hammer hits the floor and smashes some floorboards in. The dog then bites her but her rock flesh stops the fire from hurting her. Talos enters the house and looks at the dog, and quickly throws his dagger at the dog. The dog turns and runs after Talos and at the moment Parshe swings her hammer hitting the dog and knocking it over. They walk over to the dog and finish the job.

Talose helps the the fighter get back to his feet and the party moves to the church in the town to rest,.

they enter the church and explore a little, they find a hole in the floor of the church that leads to a tunnel., the tunnel has a early green glow and stretches beyond what you can see they discover a chest and break it open and find Chain mail, 3 potions, 2 scrolls.

Start of the Campain

Four new Guild Members come to the guild as they approach the Giant doors of the guild the magically open and in side they see a Golem standing there.

“I will be your Guid in the guild,” The Golem Said. Talos ask, “Do you have any food?.” “Yes! Fallow me”, The Golem Leads the group to the kitchen down the the hall.

They sit down and have a meal. After the meal Tom a small Gnome Asked, " I would be interested in joining the guild, Is there any one to talk to about joining?" “One Moment”, The Golem exits the room.

a Moment later

A Old Man Enters the Room.

" My name is Gif I am the Guild Leader of this Guild. I heard that you may be interested in join the guild." Gif Says.

“we would love to join.” Group."

Gif Lead the group to the front room and to the Mission Board Gif Explains ," This is where you can get missions and Earn some money. The missions are to help you rank up and become a great members.

Gif shows the group of a map of the guild hall and explains each room, then takes his leave to the Library.

The Group looks at the Mission Board and sees 2 jobs. They Diside to help a little girl that the guild has taken refuge and needs to be taken home.

Tom ask “, What is your name?”

Girl “…..”

Group try’s to speak in different languages but the girl dose not replay.

Tom goes and try’s to inquire with Gif about the girl.

Gif, " She was found on the front steps sitting in the cold we let her in, fed her and tried to take to her but now replay."

“Has any one else tried to help her” , Tom reply’s

Gif, " A Few Hero’s have tried but have returned here with her each time."

Gif, " You should check with the Guild Trainer he has a resembles to her."

Just then the Girl ran off with a Laughter and hid the group try’s to finder here each looking down the book shelves. Tom See the Girl Scratching something into the back of the book case and her face is Terrifying.


Tom, " Are you ok?"

The little Girl Snaps out of it and walks back to the center of the room.

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