How the Guild came to be
Saviors of Light Guild Hall was created by the nearby towns to defend them in the demonic wars and bring hero’s together and fight agents the Demon Lord Dremak.
The Demon Lord was killed by a hero named Embra. There was no witness of this feat but when Embra was found, he was dead and at his feet was the Demon Lord. People can only think that Embra Gave up his life to slay the Demon Lord.

After the war the Guild was no longer needed and over time the hero’s began to leave the guild and return back to there homes. This left the guild hall defenseless and allowed Bandit and thieves to scavenged and claim this as there own. 


A Wizard named Gif attacked to Guild Hall to Claimed it his own and banished all the Scavengers, thieves, and bandits. He began to reconstruct the guild hall to make The Red Phoenix guild Hall. The Guild was great for towns to bring there troubles to because there was always hero’s there to answer the call. This brought great wealth to the guild and hero’s.

Gif never turns away new hero’s he excepted people of all races and alignments. He believes that every one should choose there own path even if it bring the guild down upon them.

There are rooms filled with weapons and Magic Scrolls and Merchants are always bring new things to sell to the guild. Guild members are Ranked and with rank come more privileges and stronger weapons and Spells.